Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Financial Literacy Month is here... How the things are going?

Considering the magnitude of the many changes involving the global financial industry during the last two years and the current efforts intended to change how major financial institutions are working in order to manage risks on a more careful basis, although we've recently witnessed movements favoring / against efforts in the US intended to create a comprehensive financial overhaul, How the people are doing in terms of improving their financial literacy by knowing how to create budgets, how to save money, how to manage and pay their debt and ultimately, their ability to manage money on a more careful basis considering the impact of the crisis on their lives?

Once again, April 2010 is regarded as the National Financial Literacy Month; experts invite us to strengthen our awareness as to the still critical importance of becoming more financially literate.

For all of us, the task of becoming financially literate can be a tough one because we need to assimilate many small pieces of knowledge but we must keep in mind the importance of a long term planning (and our families well-being), How about if we challenge ourselves and test our financial IQ?

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