Friday, July 26, 2013

"Money out of Politics..." Does this make sense?

Even though I think (based on my own modest experience while interacting on several occasions as part of their constituents with some government officials as well as reading regularly opinions as to how they should "manage" the Economy and the Money) that politicians and money don't get along, I'd like to share some basic information about what a couple of Massachusetts Lawmakers (Senator James Eldridge and Representative Jason Lewis), have been working with:

President Obama seems to be concerned about the urgency to help people on Main Street to strengthen their Financial Literacy (at least the basics) what is good, however, if the relationship Politics - Economy - Money is a complex one by itself, a candid question arises in my mind: supposing that the bill presented by those lawmakers is "approved", The US Government (for the sake of Politics and National Wellbeing) should "outsource" financial - budgetary national decisions in order to "alleviate" the burden of the crisis that Main Street has been facing?

At least to me, this idea sounds "interesting" but if politicians have been considering "limiting the influence of money in the US political system", focusing on Financial Literacy... for the sake of it, what would you think about it? Politicians should stop "interfering" too?

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Alicia Larsen said...

Money being used for politics isn't a good idea. It's where corruption begins and it simply doesn't make sense. Money is needed to run politics but it shouldn't be used to fulfill one politician's interest. cfp certification