Friday, November 2, 2018

Former Ambassador Nikki Haley, the UN and... Financial Literacy?

Hello... Well, it looks like the political spectrum in America has continued (and it looks like it continues) changing at the White House and, as an extension, at the United Nations in NYC.

As you may know, Mrs. Nikki Haley is already US former ambassador to the United Nations; considering this frame of reference, once again, I must clarify that politics are well beyond the reach of this blog focusing on the contrary, on discussing as much as possible about Finance and Financial Literacy as related subjects.

What is important to consider as another key subject involving Financial Literacy (and the lack of it) and Mrs. Haley's resignation to her post at the United Nations? Well, it looks like that her personal finances have informed us that she is not exactly familiar to financial literacy: she has a debt ranging from $525,000 to $1.1 million.

I've always thought that politics and money are not exactly a good combination and particularly when we talk about the same problem that arose 10 years ago during the financial crisis that shook the world and particularly the personal finances of many tax payers around the world and, of course, in America: debt, bankruptcy and a persistent lack of financial literacy in a seemingly complex scenario. It looks to me that Mrs. Haley's personal finances are the newest example...

Just in case, Would you consider working harder to strengthen your financial literacy, your personal finances, watch the following and be prepared?

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

10 years after the financial crisis that shook the world...


I hope you're doing real fine. I should start by telling you that I was absent since last December because, once again, I had to deal with some new health issues because of the illness I live with.

Thank God, I'm reasonably healthy again being ready to continue scouring the Net in order to share with you recent news and trends involving our -some times- peculiar financial world.

OK... Let's get busy: talking about our challenging yet peculiar financial world, this time, I'd like to offer you an "invitation" not exactly to have breakfast or drink a cup of coffee (I hope we'll have the opportunity to talk around a table while we enjoy a breakfast or simply drinking a cup of coffee) to reflect on the following:...

On the other hand, thinking about ideas about trying to make this blog a bit more practical from an informational perspective, I've been working on developing an idea: try to share more concrete educational references about financial terminology (a subject that most of the users of financial services still ignore) that now more than ever is a basic subject for you if you wish to understand a bit more about how financial markets, investments, savings, etc, perform in more complex financial markets in order to have a better idea about how to manage your personal finances better.

I'll certainly keep you posted on this idea.

Best regards. God bless you...

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Identity Theft... Same old yet very serious problem (1)

As a result of how significantly social networks have grow nowadays in America and around the world, there's also a significant increase in the number of new users (including the so called "bots" and "trolls") "ready" to go for it (even though they could lack a clear and, above all, safe idea about what they are doing) opening accounts mostly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp.

If you are one of those new users, Should you nal ask yourself if you are educated enough to create accounts on "trendy" social networks having in mind a clear and safe idea what they are doing? Do you really have a clear and safe idea about what you are doing? Nothing personal but I suspect you don't...

Did you know that identity theft is a cybercrime that has experienced a huge growth happening even right now and in a worst case scenario, your identity and money can be stolen leaving you virtually "inexistent" and indebted because of stuff you didn't buy? Did you know that considering how serious this crime is the FBI is explaining you what to do if your personal information has suffered a breach?

Would you care to consider the following examples of how serious the problem is?

Considering how important this subject is not only for your own safety while you are online but for your identity and above all, for your money, the idea behind these comments is suggest you a practical and concrete informational reference for your consideration in order to provide you ideas as to how healthy (if it's your plan) is to open new accounts on whatever social media platforms you think are "cool" without keeping in mind your online safe, their privacy rules and how your personal information will be "safe".

In addition, I would suggest you too to get rid of preconceived ideas as to how "cool" is to keep a bunch of accounts on whatever social media platforms you may want to belong to and become the "proud" owner of a "good online status"; even though such status exists, if you're one of the few who earned that status thanks to a serious and careful online experience and above all, if you're cautious enough to not digest stories of "successful online stars", "successful online players" (you name it) in order to avoid being the prey of common online tricks such as "Congratulations! You're the happy winner of our #1 price!", "Click on the below mentioned link and enjoy your online experience!", etc, you will be indeed a safer online participant.

The aforementioned, is one of many examples however, cybercriminals stealing online identities are really clever to trick people online by using very good social engineering traps.

I can suggest you other informational sources about identity theft on common social media platforms:

In addition, in a next comment about this key topic and its impact, I'll suggest you other informational sources about the how deceitful social engineering is and last but no least, another related topic: similar tricks on email messages where unaware users get trapped.

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Quotes about Financial Literacy and everything it implies...

From time to time, I will propose you for your kind consideration some quotes about money and everything it implies in order to share with you that managing your personal finance doesn't necessarily mean buying whatever the stuff you like either in cash or credit card...

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