Thursday, November 30, 2017

Quotes about Financial Literacy and everything it implies...

From time to time, I will propose you for your kind consideration some quotes about money and everything it implies in order to share with you that managing your personal finance doesn't necessarily mean buying whatever the stuff you like either in cash or credit card...

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Johon King said...

Best information. I appreciate about your post. Do you know about finacial company information ?

Mario Lopez said...


Greetings. First of all... I apologize for the delayed reply; it took me since June to figure out and repair a failure my computer had.

Second of all, thank you for your interest in sharing your thoughts. Regarding your question, I initially assume that you are looking for financial information from publicly listed companies?

If I recall correctly, the Edgar Database could provide financial information:

On the other hand, it could be another feasible idea if you can check if Credit Rating Agencies also publish the same kind of information; if I also recall correctly, they publish from time to time, studies about how publicly listed companies perform. I suggest to give it also a try.

Hope this helps. Kind regards.