Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spending vs Saving (and Financial Literacy)... What to choose?

Spending vs. Saving... What to choose?

The ever present "crossroads"... What would you choose considering the complex economic and labor outlook we still have to grapple with? How about if there's a credit card debt you're also grappling with? Second thoughts in this particular case are quite valid... On the other hand, there's another still valid question you MUST ask yourself before buying a product or service "attractively" packaged, a product or service intended to create the "urgency" to spend your money... The "lovely" and ever present marketing, Isn't it?

Contributing in these tough economic times to boost consumption and spending can be something because we can contribute to keep companies and employment in our countries open but, on the other hand, there's a crucial question to consider BEFORE spending our money: Do we REALLY need right now the stuff we want / wish to buy?

Are we aware that buying stuff is going to cost us when we are indebted?

On the other hand... How about if you could create a savvy savings plan before visiting as many malls as possible? Black Friday can be a nice day but How about if we can think twice for a moment before thinking in a shopping spree?

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