Thursday, September 10, 2009

Financial Literacy and some key subjects to keep in mind... for our own good

While we witness the growth and... many problems that global financial markets have been grappling with, it becomes also relevant to keep in mind a very close interaction and considerable effects that several underlying factors have on the way those markets perform: social, political, economic, health, labor and business related issues but particularly, an increasingly closer influence that a long list of financial issues have had on the way people have acted and reacted when their wallets and therefore, their economic well being are affected because of a global economic crisis.

Beyond the social and political arena that people are justifiably concerned about, given the concrete focus this blog gives to financial subjects in terms of insisting on the urgency to acquire a basic financial literacy in order to fully understand how those subjects are closely intertwined, let's consider once again another small yet "hot" list of some key financial financial subjects exemplifying what we all should focus on (and learn about) in order to become even more aware about what Financial Literacy means and its inexorable impact on our wallets and economic well being:

Finally, I also think that watching the aforementioned videos, regardless of your very personal political views and affiliations, can offer you a very interesting overall economic perspective as well as an important piece of advice as to how important Financial Literacy is (and how it fits in the current global picture) in terms of managing your savings and debt a bit more efficiently...

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