Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Financial Literacy and Financial Scams... The need to learn about it

From time to time, we learn about attempts to promise us "unique investment alternatives", "incomparable opportunities to earn a lot of money", "the highest interest rate", "a magnificent retirement alternative", etc, but those "financial alternatives" end up being forms of scams where people that trusted what are being offered are the victim.

Even though this blog tries to contribute to spread the need to acquire a financial education by sharing with its frequent and new readers the information related to spreading that knowledge, on the other hand, it CAN'T be a source of spam, "recommendations" and / or "endorsement" for any investment or savings opportunity, certain person(s) or company who can make you "rich" and even "retire happy".

Yesterday, I received a comment from a reader recommending the company "Premier Financial Alliance"; after an initial research, unfortunately I ended up being a bit suspicious because of a warning about a a possible financial scam.

In the best interest to continue providing as much information as possible about Financial Literacy, the need to get familiar with the many financial scams already present is also a key subject to learn; in this regard, based upon this finding, I made the decision to moderate and reject his request to publish his comment on this blog and inform you.

A key financial rule particularly when we talk about YOUR money: do your RESEARCH and ASK a serious financial professional as many questions as possible about where, when, how (and of course the associated risk) to invest your money SAFELY...

The best decision is yours but I invite you to exercise more precautions... We will also talk about this key subject on following posts.

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