Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two different views about global markets...

Given the financial meltdown the global financial industry is grappling with and its effect on countries, economies, markets and people regardless of political affiliations, personal and professional priorities (such as seeking a new job), although there are worrying situations about not being able to paying mortgages and facing foreclosures, not paying credit card debts and facing personal bankruptcy, there's also a time not only to laugh about bankers and their failure to make correct decisions because of greed (it could be dangerous if they made decisions based on the "market sentiment") but to stop and reflect about ourselves and our financial behavior in these tough economic and labor times (particularly our like for consumerism rather than responsible consumption).

After all... we should refocus our thoughts on (and accept?) a probably unpleasant fact for many people (I wonder if we can resist being "luxury addicts" no matter the cost): money is not an "end" in itself... it's only a mean.

How about stopping our journey for a moment, think a bit about our role on this still beautiful Earth to laugh about ourselves and -on the other hand- rethink a bit about where do we want to go?

Let's watch...

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