Sunday, November 23, 2008

From Financial Crisis to Financial Literacy...

These are complex financial times where national economies are grappling with because of huge failures within the global financial industry: we'd say that the bottom line has been a distortion between savvy money management and investment decisions not only for financial professionals (unfortunately, they haven't been professionals exactly...) but for people in terms of creating and investing in riskier products as well as making riskier bets for consumerism rather than a responsible consumption whose consequence has been a worrying credit card debt.

In order to understand the current crisis as a "product" of global markets and its negative effects on people, we must realize that there are many close interrelated financial - economic aspects that make those markets technically complex: inflation, interest rates, risk, investment products, stocks, bonds, mortgages, credit cards, default, debt, earnings, losses, comsumption, consumerism, bankruptcy, etc.

How about being able to realize the difference between a rich and a poor person?

If we want to understand what really financial literacy means and involves, there is an urgent need to understand how financial markets work and what the aforementioned aspects mean... maybe, you wouldn't like to become a financial guru but at least (and once and for all), you should have a clearer perspective of how things unfold.
Let's watch this explanation about the financial crisis...

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