Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Financial Education, Wealth and... Race. A silent yet sensitive issue in America

There is no doubt in my mind that America possess a brilliant history where many events have shaped how a citizen feels and perceives himself as an active and productive element of his society, however, it's been also an unpleasant part of his existence even though he probably has nothing to deal with it but doesn't know how to deal with it: how he feels about being part of his community according to his race.

Despite I must clarify that an historically complex social subject involving how races interact in America given its own nature is beyond the scope of this blog, it is difficult to ignore the fact that African Americans and Latinos as ethnic minorities in the country, still experience a social - financial gap in their community welfare versus the White community that becomes more notorious if we talk about their access to jobs and the income they need for health care, their families, savings and (key subject) the possibility to become more financially educated and create lasting savings.

This new comment aims to share some efforts that members of the African American community have been doing in recent years in order to ask for our attention towards those issues involving their welfare as well as a recent and very interesting diagnosis about the racial wealth gap between communities:

The Political Economy of Education Financial Literacy and the Racial Wealth Gap by CP Mario Pérez López on Scribd

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