Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Is the American student... "stupid"?

In a previous post we discussed again (since it is still a worrying educational & financial problem that "could" jeopardize the future of young people getting educated in America) how financially illiterate many college students are while they are getting (also) increasingly indebted via student loans.

Even though educational - financial specialists have talked about what should be done in order to strengthen what schools and educators need in order to find, use and provide a more solid set of learning tools, on the other hand, I've read and watched from time to time discussions as to the "convenience" of not teaching Financial Literacy; in this regard, it's been also said that the educational system in America has been overburdened with other problems such as bullying, sex, violence, drugs and the like that in some (many?) cases result in teachers failing to teach and students failing to learn.

Based on this brief frame of reference, despite well organized efforts from entities such as the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Finance Literacy (thanks to Mrs. Chris Shannon who currently works for the National Endowment for Financial Education for sharing on Linkedin what Jump$tart is doing), I came across with the following visual evidence (from 2010) reflecting the complex situation the educational system in America has been facing in terms of teachers failing to teach and students failing to learn. 

Needless to say that I sincerely hope that current educational efforts like to ones that the Jump$tart Coalition is currently carrying out, will succeed in order to help students -as urgently as possible- to fully realize the crucial importance of becoming financially literate...

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