Friday, November 4, 2011

The 99% and Financial Literacy... Are they financially savvy?

While witnessing those current events particularly in NYC and Oakland where people continue expressing their anger about what politicians are doing (and mostly what they are not if you want to see the opposite side of the problem...) to solve the current crisis, it caught my attention that according to a research, many of those "Occupy Wall Street" protesters being arrested in NYC, "have luxurious homes" and therefore, are "not exactly part of the 99%"

Reflecting about what those protests mean, even though organizers argue that "protesters come from all backgrounds", after reading the image "I pledge to move my money to a local Community Bank or Credit Union and declare my independence from big banks today", I also wonder if most of that 99% are also personally and -more importantly- financially aware about what moving their money imply not only in terms of protesting against Wall Street and its bankers but in terms of becoming more financially educated to pay a closer attention to their personal finances in these though economic times for most of them or... those protesters don't "care" about money because they are not "worried" about their financial safety?

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