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Are there skilled professionals teaching Financial Literacy?

Even though we are focused on discussing as thoroughly as possible the efforts that many governments are already doing (there's still a lot to do) intended to help people not only to become more aware about the scope of their financial problems, providing them with the informational tools to start solving those problems but to make them realize how important Financial Literacy is as a key tool, if that people really want to succeed in order to plan for a -hopefully- less risky financial future, Are there skilled financial professionals out there available to teach them?

Talking a bit about this effort, as a concrete reference, if the US Government is carrying out some programs to achieve this ambitious long-term goal, Do we people on Main Street also realize the importance of having skilled financial professionals teaching us how to achieve our personal financial goals and avoid making mistakes in a still complex global financial setting? (What's happening in Dubai is a very clear example...)

In my very humble opinion although financial institutions should play a considerably more active role in educating people, Bank of America is a reasonable example of some efforts intended to spread Financial Literacy within some communities.

Based upon a very clear financial diagnosis where people still lack a basic financial education, let's consider the following excerpt from the article Americans hunger for better Financial Literacy that makes emphasis in the urgency not only to learn about this subject but to find more experienced financial advisers ready to teach them:

"Financial Advisers in Demand

In addition to getting themselves more educated, many also are looking to professionals more for financial advice. While 65% say they feel unsure about investing because of the economic crisis, four in 10 (38%) say they've started meeting with a financial adviser, or plan to soon, to work toward securing their financial future.

Nearly one-third (31%) admit they'd like advice from a professional on how to invest their money, the study found"

Let's also consider watching the videos accompanying these comments as a concrete reference as to the role of Financial Advisers as key educators and the new online resources already available for people -from teenagers to adults- to learn the basics of Financial Literacy; after watching these pieces of information, I'd conclude that the most important thing is encourage them constantly to ASK their teachers and financial advisers all sorts of questions...

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