Saturday, February 7, 2009

What are people doing to spread Financial Literacy?

I should start this note by apologizing to the people who are interested in the topic of financiial literacy and somehow, have followed these posts; I've been sick but now, ready to continue working and contributing -yet modestly- to the subject.

Given the magnitude and concrete problems resulting from the financial crisis where President Obama (among others) recently criticized Wall Street because of hefty executive bonuses, on the other hand, we are also noticing increasing efforts intended to spread financial literacy where the US Government is seemingly applying concrete measures; in this regard, President Obama is also expressing his views about a very sensitive issue.

We've also known as to extended efforts intended not only to educate students but their parents as well; in this regard, the US Government is also working on sponsoring some bills (in this case the Senate Education Committee) intended to make schools to give parents financial information. In the meantime, there are other efforts aimed to create non-profit organizations such as the Community Financial Education Foundation whose goal is providing basic personal finance issues.

Finally, let's analyze some basic financial ideas on these slides about the effort the public should do in order to have a better picture of the efforts being carried out to help them understand what financial literacy means and avoid -as the ultimate goal- financial problems and bankruptcy...

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