Sunday, February 22, 2009

Financial Literacy vs another Financial Scam: Mr. Allen Stanford...

In the light of recent events regarding the financial meltdown, financial institutions and the bailout money that key banks in the United States have been given but in the meantime, thinking about the urgency to spreading financial literacy which is a personal and professional commitment, even though. Well... here we again: an already embattled financial system took another blow when another massive fraud
involving 8 billion and orchestrated by Mr. Allen Stanford has been discovered.

Once again, even though the urgency of spreading financial literacy on a global basis remains unchanged, on the other hand, it also involves the need not only to understand basic financial concepts but the need to become even more wary when our own money is at risk while we decide to invest probably our life savings in some (Unknown?) financial product.

This is a rather repetitive issue but asking as many questions as possible before putting our money to work and making us earn "magically" more money, remains as a valid -and critical- topic.

Let's watch who Allen Stanford is and what he did as well as some basic rules as to how to protect our money from financial scams...

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