Friday, December 5, 2008

Financial Literacy and... Accounting? (2)

There is no doubt in my mind that trying to describe a financial crisis like the one we are dealing with now given its already harsh impact on economies, financial markets, companies and particularly people, implies a though challenge in terms of describing particularly its scope and effects on people (let's forget for a moment about banks and bankers because our goal is a more ambitious one: contributing to spread financial literacy).

It is interesting and very positive -on the other hand- the efforts that many people are doing to correct the lack of financial literacy the global economy is also dealing with; even though it's a huge task spreading financial literacy given some serious problems people can have to understand such concept, again, I'm absolutely convinced that there are many ways to spread the knowledge and give a particular attention to uneducated people.

This video explains on a thorough and appealing basis the basics involving the need to acquire a basic financial knowledge as to how companies and people make money... these are the very basics to understand how economies, markets and... accounting work.

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