Sunday, October 12, 2008

Financial Crisis and Financial Literacy... (2)

Thinking again about how global financial markets are dealing with... a big emphasis has been put on plans many financial institutions are working on to survive the meltdown but, What are we doing to (not survive) preserve our personal finance as healthy as possible considering that we must witness (and probably feel anger) when a key figure in the financial meltdown on Wall Street gives his testimony before a congressional panel about Lehman Brothers' bankruptcy.

We must take immediate action in order to know how to preserve our personal finance but in the meantime, get familiar to what is going on in the financial markets and also learn about the mistakes others made while running financial institutions; the moment to learn has arrived.

In this regard, Ms. Liz Handlin (who is a fellow Linkedin member and a brilliant professional in her professional field) has issued a set of interesting and very practical rules as to how to take initial steps toward working on protecting our personal finance.

Let's watch these videos and start working on our own financial future...

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Liz said...


Thanks so much for the kind words. You have a very good blog - I will be sure to visit again. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comments!

Have a wonderful day.


Mario P. Lopez said...

Dear Liz,

Good afternoon. On the contrary, thanks to you; it's an honor having your reply.

As you said, in these financially complex time, it's not the end of the financial world, on the contrary, it's a time for a new and more solid financial knowledge we should (and I think we will) have.

Looking forward to continue reading you.

Kind regards.