Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Credit Cards, Consumerism and Credit Crunch...

In today's global sophisticated markets, we can find and buy whatever the stuff we may imagine (and in most cases, probably beyond the support our wallet could give us) that could have the magic to make us feel attracted (to say the least) to consider buying that stuff; being the concept of financial literacy a key issue here, it would be a bit difficult inviting you to consider and even analyze the difference between being a responsible consumer (for the sake of our own mental and financial health) and practicing an inordinate consumerism.

At this point where we receive a daily visual gratification from savvy marketers inviting us to imagine a whole new lifestyle while buying whatever the stuff (Do we really need that stuff?) we may imagine, it would be beyond this blog's goal create a sort of philosophical discussion about what consumer capitalism means and a more practical (and current) discussion about financial issues such as credit and debt and credit crunch among other financial concepts we need to be aware of as a real danger to our personal finance.

Let's consider this real life comedy about consumerism and credit cards...

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