Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What means being an Investor? (5)

The subject of financial literacy as a key component in a global financial industry -regardless of Geography-, implies the need to have investors and particularly potential investors, reading, asking questions, learning and practicing those basic concepts that should help them to have a better idea as to how global financial markets work in complex times and how to earn additional money by investing wisely.

Thanks to Mr.
Jason Alba (a fellow Linkedin member who published on slideshare.net a magnificent analysis on the process of being fired and seek a new job) I've been able to find a new and very practical reference ("The Physics of Personal Finance") on the issue of Time Value of Money which is a concept that should help you to understand the basics of how investments work and therefore, have a bit better reference as to how your financial advisor should be able to make your money grow depending on a very concrete investment style (yours...)

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