Sunday, June 29, 2008

Financial Culture and Compound Interest (1)...

Let's consider now certain "intimate" relationship between investors, debtors and interest rates; we've already discussed about becoming aware (hopefully) as to acquiring some basic financial culture in order to understand that we novice investors must be "at least" a bit more familiar (it's only the beginning...) with the job our financial advisor should do in order to make our money grow.

If we consider ourselves a bit more "familiar" to investments, How about if we novice investors want to invest directly our money but still don't understand what compound interest means?

If we novice investors realize that such concept has a key importance in the world of financial markets, we will become a bit more formal investors if we understand that compound interest is a key concept that makes things evolve for better (investments) or for worst (credit cards) so let's analyze its use in practice.

We will discuss about this concept in detail in future posts.

Let's watch...

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