Thursday, May 29, 2008

Business Networking, Linkedin and Vincent Wright


As a global financial professional and as a relatively new participant in a complex yet exciting global process involving an online activity called "Social Networking", I've been also learning to appreciate the responsibilities, possibilities and concrete benefits that such activity -if it is done carefully and patiently- can offer to global professionals being the financial area and as a consequence financial markets a truly global example of the possibilities that social networking.

During this process of discovery and learning, I've been fortunate to find a very suitable social network named Linkedin where I've been able to know, learn from and meet online global and very professional people from many professional fields although I've been focusing my personal efforts to target global financial professionals in order to get to know each other and talk about current professional and business issues involving also global financial markets.

Being a Linkedin member for almost 2 years, I've been particularly fortunate of meeting several absolutely professional members -a group of absolutely remarkably persons in the true sense of the word- who have distinguished themselves as gifted masters in the fine art of social networking and its implications in the business world; I've met true gentlemen like Scott Allen, Jay Deragon and -special mention- Mr. Vincent Wright who has showed all of us recent LI members the fine art of social networking in a surprisingly simple yet eloquent way.

During the last few days, it's been surprising witnessing the way that Mr. Vincent Wright has struggled with Linkedin (Mr. Jay Deragon has explained this struggle) because of non exactly clear -for me- reasons; I've read his testimony and disappointment towards Linkedin because of some sort of harassment for his remarkably "puzzling" ability not only to create direct connections with other global professional but to teach us all LI members who have read several thousand messages from him evangelizing about Linkedin as the most important business networking platform as well as the importance and responsibility we have acquired as business networkers.

It's been also a sad surprise that Mr. Wright has made an equally professional and deeply serious decision to cut his ties with Linkedin because of this struggle; there is no doubt in mind that -Linkedin or not Linkedin- he'll continue being a gentleman and a master in the fine art of teaching me how to become a more committed, serious and responsible networker.

Mr. Wright: from this modest "trench" where I'm learning from you, rest assured that you have my absolute support to your efforts; in the end, the truth will prevail...


Jay Deragon said...


Excellent post and with perspectives that many share. Ironic that Linkedin as a network operator promoting "social networking" has chosen to be anti-social.

Sometimes the left hand is not in sync with the right hand. See my own perspectives on this situation here

Mario P. Lopez said...

Dear Jay,

Thank you very much for your feedback; let's see what happen with this issue.

I'll read your thoughts hoping to offer you a reply.

Best regards.

Mario Lopez.