Sunday, April 27, 2008

What means being an Investor? (1)


Nowadays, we are witnessing a fast paced global economy and an underlying trend of equally fast paced problems within the global financial industry where the foundations of "good and safe" investments need to be reviewed; if you have money and wish to make a safe (or less
risky?) investment decision, Do you consider yourself a "good" investor?

Let's consider some "basic" issues in order to decide your investment style:

* What kind of investor are you? Aggressive, Conservative or something in between?
* What's your investment perspective (Short, Medium, Long Term)?
* Do you keep your future (and your loved ones of course) in mind while deciding what to do with your money?
* What is your main financial goal?
* Do you have sufficient cash to pay expenses?
* After paying those expenses (rent / mortgage payments, loans, credit cards, bills, groceries, etc), Is there cash still available?
* Thinking about short (1 year), medium (1 to 3 years) or long term (+ 3 years), How many years do you expect to need the money you're thinking about investing today?

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