Thursday, March 13, 2008

Off Topic - A bit of self-promotion... just FYI


As you may know, working on maintaining something like a blog for informational, business, social or educational purposes (among many other uses), imply considering many small technical details related to what it's known as the "Blogosphere".

Therefore, I'd like to distract your attention just for a moment to let you know that even though it's possible to subscribe to RSS services in order to receive direct emails from this blog, I'd also like to invite you to get a widget I've created on the website which is another key to being informed about the new posts I'm regularly planning and posting on this project named "Financial Culture".

If you are interested in getting the Financial Culture widget, I respectfully invite you to click where you should be able to find and get the HTML code that will allow you to create the widget on your own blog or website.

Thank you very much.

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