Monday, February 4, 2008

Talking about the basics...


OK, the time is finally here… not only to make decisions as to investing some money you have but to understand that you “need” to invest that money after you have concluded “I want to look after my family rather than buying stuff all of us wouldn’t probably need” butone thing is being aware that you need to make a careful –as much as possible given the complex outlook that global financial markets are currently grappling with- decision where you want to put your money to work and –hopefully- earn additional money and another a bit different, is asking yourself not only “How do I choose a Financial Advisor?” or “What does a Financial Advisor do?” but… “How do I know that a Financial Advisor will invest my money carefully and where???

Even though there are many really good sources of technical information explaining what the financial markets are (we will talk about it), what you can do there, how you should “understand” how financial markets work, what financial advisors do, how many investment alternatives exist, etc, etc… How about if we talk before about some non technical issues such as how financial advisors work, what they do, who participate in financial markets and how is your money invested? How about if we try to understand before making a more informed investment decision how the things work here?

I’ll begin by inviting you to ask yourself another “boring” question (I would suggest you not to label this question that way… trust me): Have you wondered why financial markets are “global” and what that means for many (and I mean many…) investors like you who are not totally aware of questions like the previous ones and don’t have at least a basic idea (slightest idea sounds a bit rough…) about what financial markets are and what people do there…

My modest professional experience in the global financial industry (while working for financial institutions in “Emerging Markets”… Have you heard about this term before?), as one of these guys known as “Financial Analysts”, has allowed me to realize that although global financial markets are seemingly “closer” to the public in terms of helping established investors (they are called “professional” investors) as well as new investors (you might be called a “non professional” investor”… this financial jargon is sometimes weird yet funny) to find the most “appropriate” investment alternative, as a matter of fact, I think that a numerous group of people (new investors like you…), probably don’t understand a thing about this financial jargon implying in my opinion that global financial institutions have (and probably still) failed to help investors (both professional and non professional) to understand many fine details about something otherwise not so complicated (it should be not so complicated I think…) like investments and savings.

OK, the time is finally here… we will talk on a bit more detailed scale (nothing too much “technical” hopefully…) about many underlying yet very important issues about how financial markets work and what many people do there.

Financial Culture, after all, must be one of those underlying issues that global investors like you must keep in mind to understand –at least- what others are doing with your money, in other words, your “Personal Finance” (more financial jargon but this one is a bit easier to understand… the way you handle your money…) Would you like to know about it?

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