Friday, December 14, 2007

Finance, Knowledge and Reality...


Talking about Finance, Investments, Savings and particularly Financial Culture in a global context would be a complex task to do, so, being those areas strongly interrelated, this blog will try to focus on facilitating a learning process for the non professional investor in order to understand the meaning of investments and savings hoping that one day –Very soon?- the global financial industry will take even more seriously the importance not only to offer professional investors more practical –Less risky?- financial products and / or services but to become more professional and committed to help the remaining population to learn how to invest and save money.

Even though the population in many “First World” Countries could have an appropriate educational level, the need of spreading financial culture in a global context is equally urgent for many “Third World” Countries.

Recent examples can be perceived as a warning for the global financial industry as to the urgency of reeducating thoroughly the public to invest and save money wisely particularly in those countries where a significant part of the population ignore the basics about financial markets, investments, savings, interest rates, loans, credit cards, credit rating agencies, etc.

Based upon this frame of reference, this blog will focus on accepting the challenge and above all the opportunities of doing some basic analyzsis and issue feasible online and / or written educational alternatives (a newsletter) to contribute –although modestly- to such education effort for those who need –and probably want- to learn.

After all, it would be a bit difficult even for professional investors to plant and enjoy their own "Money Tree"... We all know that getting money (particularly in financial markets) is not that easy; we need to work -and study- a lot.

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