Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Finance, Knowledge and Risks...


As a “rookie” exploring a whole new world in the blogosphere, I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by and review what I wish to offer in terms of making real a personal / professional project in terms of promoting the importance of spreading financial culture about how global financial markets work and the increasingly sophisticated products and services that global financial institutions offer for investment, savings and financing either for individuals and corporations.

This is the frame of reference about another underlying and “unpleasant” problem these same global financial institutions wouldn’t like to deal with but in the end, they must: some times (or most of the times?), the clients those banks serve or look to serve lack a basic knowledge preventing them to fully understand what they must do to maximize a return they expect to receive from an investment and / or savings account and minimize the risk of investing their money in financial products or services they don’t even know and understand (the “awful” worst case scenario).

Thinking about this problem and its scope, I’ve decided to create this blog whose goal as you may notice is to contribute deeply and wholeheartedly with my “two cents” to help others to increase their financial knowledge; in this regard, this blog is intended to create a feasible forum whose content will try to reveal how knowledgeable investors should leverage their investment decisions by using carefully financial and business information even though they could suffer losses causing them to risk their financial future… this risk is what makes financial markets unique as a source of wealth and losses.

I look forward to have enlightening discussions with financial professionals and analyze what should be done.

Welcome to “Financial Culture”.


Jessan Dunn Otis said...


Congratulations on your new launch.

In a world that has come to depend on what, to many, is more than a "mysterious realm," the clarity and essential information that your blog has the potential to share and make more clear and accessible is essential.

...and, I love all the widgets.

Looking good!


Mario P. Lopez said...

Dear Jessan,

Thank you very much for your kind feedback. It's an honor and a commitment to continue thinking how to improve this tool.

Kind regards.

Mario Lopez.